Our service
Health at Home provides care all across Thailand. For patients who reside outside Bangkok metropolitan area, CarePro's commuting charge will be added in the price package.
1. Fill in Patient's Condition
Fill out patient condition in the form on Health at Home's LINE application. Rates depend on patient's condition and location.

2. Choose dates & Location
Select date and location where you would like to receive care.

3. See CarePro's profile
You will receive CarePro's profile that fits patient's condition, with-in 4 hours. If you are not pleased with the given profile, you can request for a new profile. (If you do not receive suitable CarePro's profile within 4 hours we will keep you updated every 4 hours)

4. Pay
Payment can be made by credit card or cash at selected banks and 7-11 counter services.

Just follow these 4 steps, our CarePro will be there to take care of your loved one!
12 hour visiting care means CarePros will take care of patients for 12 hours.
CarePros are responsible for their commuting expense.

- 12 hour day shift (07.00-19.00 or 08.00-20.00)
- 12 hour night shift (19.00-07.00 or 20.00-08.00)

Note: Due to CarePro's commuting restriction, 12 hour visiting care is only available for patients who live in Bangkok & metropolitan area.

Live-in care means CarePro will work 12-hour day shift and stay at patient's house at night to standby and assist if patient needs help during night time. In case patient doesn't sleep or frequently goes to restroom during the night CarePro might be exhausted as she has to be awake for 24 hours and this could affect the quality of care. In this case, we might need to change CarePro or suggest other care plan that fits patient better.
We will send you CarePro's profile within 4 hours, after you successfully fill out Health at Home form in Health at Home's Line application. In case there's no suitable CarePro in 4 hours, we will keep on proceeding and inform you as soon as we find the right match.

In Bangkok and metropolitan area: CarePro can start work at earliest in 6 hours after you succesfully fill out Health at Home form.

Other provinces: CarePro can start work at earliest in 48 hours after you successfully fill out Health at Home form.
In case CarePro takes leave, we will find a substitute CarePro which has equivalent qualification to the prior CarePro and also manage the care plan to make sure that patient receives continuous care from us.
Once you have started using Health at Home service, you will get access free care consultation with our medical team if you have any medical issues. You can schedule an appointment with our customer service team through LINE.
Professional Caregiver
CarePro is professional caregiver who is professional trained and certified by Health at Home.

CarePro must passes these 3 assessment.
1. Nursing skills: comprised of 4 basic skills which are vital sign assessment, mobilising, fundamental physical therapy, bed bathing and 10 specialised skills such as tube feeding, wound care, blood Glucose test & insulin injection, enema, etc.
2. Communication and attitude test: CarePro must have positive outlook, dedicated mind and love taking care of elders and patients.
3. Criminal background check operated by Royal Thai Police.

Health at Home also consistently arranges training and lecture for CarePro to advance their skills and develop their career path.
CarePro is a professional caregiver service operating under Health at Home’s standards. Our caregivers are rigorously selected, trained in both theory and practical skills directly by certified nurses. Carepro holds dual certifications endorsed by Health at Home and a recognized professional institution, distinguishing them from uncertified caregivers. Please beware of general caregivers falsely claiming to be "CarePro'' without certification from Health at Home, as their standards may not align.

CarePro is different from other caregivers and nursing assistants because they not only undergo rigorous selection and training but also must pass practical tests with patients of various conditions.That is what we value most with the commitment to create a new standard of the caregiving profession.

In addition, every step of CarePro's quality of work is closely monitored and controlled by Health at Home. This ensures that your loved ones receive standardized, safe, and responsible care, unlike general caregivers who lack quality control and may pose health risks.

CarePro provides daily basic care and assistance to patients upon the assignment and consent from family or close relatives such as measuring vital signs, patient mobility, and basic physical therapy exercises.

CarePro cannot perform complicated tasks such as changing feeding tubes, urinary catheters, wound care at a deep muscle level, kidney dialysis, blood draws, or administering intravenous medications. In such cases, Health at Home recommends utilizing the services of a registered nurse for tasks that require specific skills and complexity.

Registered Nurse (RN) is an individual who has completed a 4-year nursing program, holds a license to practice nursing and midwifery, and is qualified to work in various healthcare settings, including government, public, or private sectors. Their responsibilities include providing care, assessing health conditions, promoting and restoring health, and performing various medical procedures.
At home: assisting patient in daily activities such as bathing, excretion, getting dressed, medication, preparing meal (eg. soft boiled rice, congee, liquid food), tube feeding, suctioning, accompanying patient to doctor appointment.

At hospital: assisting patient in daily activities such as bathing, excretion, getting dressed, medication according to patient's condition, assisting registered nurse in taking care of patient according to doctor's orders.
All of our caregivers have passed the interview and caregiving assessment by our medical team. Every caregivers also have gone through criminal background check. You can rest assured that your loved one will be safe and secure.
We will send you a CarePro profile that best fits patient's condition. If you are not satisfied with our offer, you can request to see other CarePro profile. Please provide us reasons so we can find a new CarePro that caters to your preferences. When you have requested for new CarePro, you wont be able to choose the previous CarePro.
If CarePro doesn't meet patient's needs and expectation, we will find a better fit for the patient. If we can't find suitable caregiver within 3 days, we will give you a refund of the remaining days of care.
Our CarePros can communicate in English in intermediate level and are able to take care of foreign patients. If you are interested in using our service please contact our admin via LINE @healthathome
Price and Payment
Health at Home's daily package ranges from 1,230-1,930 Baht and monthly package ranges from 19,900-30,900 Baht. (The base rate is caregiving at the hospital.) Rates depend on following

Skills needed for caregiving
- Condition that requires minimal care eg. assisting the nurse in taking care of patient in hospital.
- Condition that requires basic care eg. mobilizing, enema, etc.
- Condition that requires special care eg. Insulin injection, dementia, etc.
- Condition that requires high level of care eg. tube feeding, suction, uninary catheterizing, wound care, etc.
- Condition that requires several complex procedures

Patient's residence location
- Residing in Bangkok metropolitan area
- Residing outside Bangkok metropolitan area - commuting fee will be charged depending on area.
Health at Home CarePro's package rate covers commuting expense and overtime service. There's also 150 Baht/day for caregiver’s meal. For patients who live in upcountry areas, commute expenses may be added.

If CarePro doesn't meet patient's needs and expectation, we will find a better fit for the patient. If we can't find suitable caregiver within 3 days, we will give you a refund of the remaining days of care.
After you confirm CarePro's profile, you have to make payment within 1 hours. Otherwise, the selected CarePro reservation will be cancelled automatically.

Payment can be made via 2 channels:

1. Cash
On "choose payment channel" page in Health at Home's LINE application, select "counter service" and follow with "pay with barcode". Then you can make payment at selected counter service at 7-11 with the given barcode.

2. Credit/Debit card
Fill out your credit/debit card detail on Health at Home's LINE application. The payment method has high security standard as e-tickets payment so you can rest assured.

For daily package user, payment is due on the date you make reservation.
For monthly package user, payment will be made automatically monthly.*

*Automatic payment is a subscription payment method that facilitates customers who use monthly package. When you register your credit/debit card with Health at Home, you will be automatically charged monthly in advance. The first bill will be charged on the date you fill out your card detail. The following bill will be charged on the date you start your next service (plus or minus 1-2 days) eg. you make reservation and pay on January 10th and service starts on January 15th. The next bill will be charged on February 15th (plus or minus 1-2 days).
Cancellation before service starts:
- If cancellation is made earlier than 48 hours before service starts, the payment will be fully refunded.*
- If cancellation is made later than 48 hours before service starts, the payment will be 50% refunded.

Cancellation during care:
- If sudden death occurs, the remaining service days fee will be refunded.*
- If CarePro doesn't meet patient's needs and expectation, we will find a better fit for the patient. If we can't find a suitable caregiver within 3 days, the remaining service days fee will be refunded.*
- You can request for cancellation anytime. Service will be terminated at the end of booking.

Temporary suspension:
- If patient is admitted to ICU/CCU, you can request to temporarily suspend the service for an unlimited period of time or until the patient passes away. You can notify our staff to continue the service at any time.

* You will be charged of processing fee and service fee for 10%
** You can request a refund if you have purchased a monthly package. Daily package and ICU/CCU admission case are not eligible for a refund.
About Us
Health at Home's contact
Line@ : @healthathome
Call : 02 - 080 – 3936
Facebook : Health at Home
Location : 849/40-42 Stadium One, Chula Soi 6, Rama VI Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Health at Home primarily provides eldery and home care service. We also provide nursing home service: Health at Home Care Center. If you are interested, you can see more detail on https://www.carecenter.healthathome.in.th/
Health at Home was founded by Dr. Kanapon Phumratprapin, Geriatric doctor from Mount Sinai Hospital (USA). We have more than 400 CarePros who are trained and qualified by medical professionals. Together with the utilisation of technology in care management, we hope to deliver the best quality of care to our patients.
Health at Home CarePro was founded in 2015. We have been taking care of over 5,000 families across Thailand.